Qualified electronic signature

The area of ​​application of electronic signature is already a business everyday around the world.

The Internet significantly brings partners and contractors closer together,

and the electronic signature allows you to finalize important tasks and projects without leaving the office.

This is a proven way to improve the company's operations


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Our solutions

The solution we offer includes all possible functionalities of electronic signatures:
  1. Signing of all documents with legal effect of non-repudiation
  2. 120 qualified time stamps (equivalent to a notary certain date)
  3. The possibility of placing an internal signature in PDF documents with a graphic symbol
  4. Automatic checking of signature validity in PDF documents (without the need to install additional software)
  5. Automatic recognition of Certum signature as trusted in Adobe Acrobat software
  6. Qualified certificate: - for submitting the balance sheet to the National Court Register under the S24 procedure
  7. Qualified certificate: - for registration on the energy exchange
  8. Qualified certificate: - for submission of the Single European Procurement Document (EAT, ESPD)
  9. Qualified certificate: - for sending e-declarations or JPK submitted to the Tax Office
  10. Qualified certificate: - operating in accordance with all key services on the market,
  11. Supported formats XAdES, CAdES, PAdES
  12. Supported signature types: external, internal, countersignature, parallel
  13. Signature support for binary files (PDF, doc, gif, JPG, tiff, etc.) and XML files

Our proposal

The necessary to issue a fully functional new certificate are:

1/ Starter kit - necessary for storing the certificate and signing documents (one-time fee) plus a case

2/ Activation of a qualified certificate - preparation of certification documents, confirmation of identity and obtaining a certificate (one-time fee), possible option:

  - Qualified Certificate for 1 year
  - Qualified Certificate for 2 years
  - Qualified Certificate for 3 years

Additional options:

1/ Installation and configuration of the certificate (recommended option) - full flooded installation and configuration of the issued certificate, saving the certificate on the card, training in the use of the certificate, technical support during the certificate validity period - paid option

2/ Performance of the contract at the customer's premises - signing the certification contract at the customer's premises - paid option

3/ Substantive service of the certification process abroad - a paid option

4/ Training on the use of the certificate (free when purchasing the installation)

5/ Assistance in signing the document (eKRS, CRBR, S24 Portal, Administration, Business, Public Tenders and others) - option additionally payable 

During the renewal process it is possible to:

 - renewals without proof of identity (you can do this quickly yourself online without leaving your home or work)
 - renewals in the form of an electronic code
 - changes in the period of validity of the certificate held (for 1 year, for 2 years or for 3 years)
 - change of a physical cryptographic card to a Mobile Certificate (no physical card - logging in using the token in the application)


In the subject of certification, we successfully implement certification processes in Poland and in over 100 countries around the world. We specialize in certification services for global corporations with particular emphasis on distributed structures.

Our technical support works continuously in a 24/7 system (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Performance of the contract (in the territory of the Republic of Poland): The physical signing of the contract takes place after a one-time personal contact of the PPT inspector lasting 2-5 minutes in a selected place (place of residence, company seat or other). Location - any location in the Republic of Poland. Agreements are signed at a special terminal Paperless and are limited to the electronic submission of the 1st signature and presentation of the identity card or passport indicated in the application. The PPT inspector is properly prepared for COVID-19 and secured.

Certificate issue: the certificate is issued within 30 minutes after signing the contract on the tablet, if the contract is signed by 15.00 p.m. And when the contract is signed after 15.00 p.m. on business days (or on weekends), the certificate is issued on the next business day in the morning.

Benefits of using an electronic signature

  1. Sending documents via the Internet is very cheap, convenient and saves your time
  2.  The documents are transmitted immediately in a secure manner and you automatically receive an official confirmation of receipt.
  3. The legal effects of a 'certain date' within the meaning of the Civil Code,
  4. The certainty of creating documents in a specified time,
  5. Ensuring the security of online trading,
  6. Securing computer programs against counterfeiting

Comfort - makes work easier

The list of activities and undertakings that can be dealt with via the Internet is constantly growing.
Using a secure electronic signature you can send official declarations, applications and applications to the offices.
Documents with an e-signature have the same legal force as if they were signed by hand and delivered by you personally or by post.
A qualified signature is a proven way to improve a company's operations.

Mobility - work from a distance

The electronic signature is already a business everyday around the world.
Internet significantly brings contractors closer together,
and e-signature allows you to finalize important projects without leaving your office

Below are proposed sets for electronic signature:

* The price of the sets does not include the activation price of the certificate and installation


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